Andy Griffiths (2)

Andy’s Riot!


Andy Griffiths Bus Tour

Andy Griffiths received a rock star welcome yesterday with more than 1000 students and fans lining the streets of Mildura for an autograph signing of his new book Robot Riot!

Touring regional Australia with his face plastered on the side of his tour bus, signing hundreds of books, Andy is more of a star than he could have imagined 20 years ago as a punk rock singer who had just moved to Mildura.

Andy says it’s wonderful to hear his books are turning a new generation of children on to reading.  “They’re still enjoying the same stories, I don’t think kids change a lot in what they find funny”.

Griffiths has won more than 40 Australian Children’s Choice Awards for his books, which have sold more than four million copies worldwide and have been featured on the New York Times bestsellers lists.

Andy Griffiths on Tour for Just Macbeth


Andy Griffiths

After a period of writing hibernation, international best-selling author Andy Griffiths is feeling fresh, invigorated and ready to hit the road.  Kicking off on the 3rd of July, Andy will begin his four-week national book tour to promote his latest children’s novel Just Macbeth.  Adding to Andy’s entourage, mixitup created a moving promotional billboard that will follow Andy on his journey across the countryside. 


Just Macbeth is the script of the successful play following Andy, Danny and Lisa in their first ever full length adventure.  Performed in 2008 by the Bell Shakespeare Company, Just Macbeth is one of the most hilarious, dramatic, moving stories of love, Wizz Fizz, witches, murder and madness!


Andy will give a series of sixty-minute presentations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Maitland and the Central Coast. He is expected to be mobbed by kids, thanked by parents, perhaps chastised by teachers and librarians, but above all welcomed with fanfare into local bookshops. 


Make sure you’re there when Andy comes to your town!