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Kirin Big In Japan returned for a third season in 2011 and for the very first time it was open to a public audience.

mixitup produced the contemporary arts and cultural event, showcasing a collection of avant-garde and new media artists from Japan including: Fuyuki Yamakawa the Khoomei singer, Yuko Kaseki a Butoh dancer and OVe – NaXx an electronic sound producer.

Audiences at Sydney’s Paddington Town Hall and Melbourne’s Thousand Pound Bend were engaged with dance, musical performances, video art and installation pieces. With Kirin’s Big in Japan exhibition converting the spaces into immersive multidisciplinary performance arenas.

We are already excited for Kirin Big In Japan’s return in 2012, but for updates on what’s making underground waves in Japanese contemporary art, check out the year round blog here




Following the success of the inaugural 2009 Kirin Big In Japan program, the project returned in 2010 with an even greater collective of Japanese leaders in multiple discipline artistic talent.  

And for the first time, we took it to Melbourne.  

Hit up www.biginjapan.com.au for more images from the events and loads of other crazy japanese goodness...




Building on the success of the 2009 Kirin ‘Big in Japan!’ exhibition created by ksubi, the 2010 contemporary-culture arts event will return to Sydney this November and sees the induction of Melbourne to the event schedule.

In an ongoing partnership brokered and produced by mixitup, the ksubi-curated event uncovers an avant-garde selection of artists from all corners of Japan working across multiple mediums including performance, video, music, noise and installation. The Kirin ‘Big in Japan!’ cultural exchange program allows these artists to display their talents to both Australian and international audiences by focusing the spotlight on Japan’s leading creative talent.

Kirin ‘Big in Japan!’ Sydney will take place on Tuesday 16 November 2010 at The Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, which offers a limitless blank canvas for the imagination, able to be transformed into an engaging and dynamic performance space.

Thousand Pound Bend is a multi- disciplinary hybrid venue that will introduce Kirin ‘Big in Japan!’ to Melbournians for the first time, showcasing talent throughout its gallery-come-cinema space on Friday 19 November 2010.

The unique Kirin ‘Big in Japan’ concept lives online year round through the Kirin ‘Big In Japan’ blog www.biginjapan.com.au. Edited by Sydney writer Amelia Groom, the blog provides insight into the dangerously talented artists from disciplines including performance, new media, sculpture, music, fashion and sound art who have been selected to tour Sydney and Melbourne in November 2010 and a year round barometer of what’s making underground Japanese waves in local contemporary art.

2010 Kirin ‘Big in Japan’ Sydney and Melbourne artist line up:

Respected sound artist Mamoru Okuno experiments with sounds we hear but never listen to. An audio and culinary performance taps into the music of noodles.

Colourful chaos is served up from Shabushabu and LakilakiwasMaho+ThaiDisco from Kyoto. Exuberant singing and tropical sounds makes for a high-energy performance.

Instrumental krautrock girl group Nisennenmondai will work their hypnotic magic on the crowd.

Sound artist Atsuhiro Ito brings his original fluorescent lighting noise instrument ‘optron’ for an explosive synesthetic experience.

Having worked with McQueen and Galliano, acclaimed designer/artist Yoshikazu Yamagata showcases his conceptual fashion from his label writtenafterwards.

Brother and sister duo Shimurabros. offer digital installation in the form of “X-ray Train” challenging 2 dimensional film and production techniques.

Lighter-than-air floating human sculptures will hover overhead from Yasushiro Suzuki.

Exploring differing mediums from light, shadows, stop motion and more, video art is presented by Leiko Shiga, Yukihiro Taguchi, Sachiko Kodoma, Yusuke Shigeta, Yuichiro Tamura. 

Hiroshi Hawegawa (of noise units ASTRO and C.C.C.C.) performs his psychedelic live set “like drifting between the meditative and awakened state, with electronics.”

Renowned reclusive voice music artist Dokaka gives a rare live performance.


The iconic tongue in cheek term “Big In Japan” was originally a phrase applied to rock bands that failed to sell many records in the US and UK during the 1960’s and 70’s, despite the fact that they were “Big In Japan”.

Since then, the term has found a home in contemporary lingo as a statement applied to brands, musicians, artists and films who’s success is difficult to measure while they are teetering on the verge of international recognition.

The “Big In Japan” cultural exchange programme was custom built by the ksubi collective for iconic Japanese beer brand, Kirin. This ksubi curated digital and experiential based series will showcase Japanese and Australian creative talents on the verge of success. It is a snapshot of the incredible culture thriving and consistently evolving between the two countries. 




Daito Manabe 09 performance


Kirin and ksubi today announce the return of KIRIN BIG IN JAPAN. Following the success of the inaugural 2009 event, the iconic Japanese beer and the notorious Australian fashion label will join forces once again to inject a cultural pulse into the flat-lining scene.

The Kirin Big in Japan programme will hit the road this year, touring a new guard of Japanese talent in both Sydney and, for the first time, Melbourne.

Sydney – 16th November 2010 at The Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park

Melbourne – 19th November 2010 at Thousand Pound Bend, Melbourne

The first Kirin Big In Japan event saw face-hackers, controversial doves and masked Harajuku girls. If you missed the event, check out the video presented by Mark Hunter aka “The Cobra Snake” (US); http://vimeo.com/8091918 

The unique concept lives online year round through the Kirin Big In Japan blog www.biginjapan.com.au. Curated by ksubi and contributed to by several local writers, the blog specialises in all things big in contemporary Japanese culture. It also provides insight into the dangerously talented performers who will be selected to tour Sydney and Melbourne this November.

Stay tuned for more event information as Kirin and ksubi take the cultural exchange programme that is Big in Japan to the next level!




ksubi fashion week sydney 2010

It was Friday night, it was the closing show for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, it was ksubi’s 10th Anniversary show.

We were proud to be a part of the show, had fun producing it, and think that a few pictures and a video will do it more justice than lyrical wax.

Watch the video of the live stream here

ksubi Turns 10 At 'ONE VIA ZERO" RAFW Show


ksubi fashion week sydney

To celebrate ksubi’s 10 year anniversary, Friday May 7th will see ksubi return to Rosemount Australian Fashion Week after a 3 year hiatus!

ksubi will be the closing show at Fashion Week, with their most highly anticipated runway event to date.

No rats this time, and no models plunging into Sydney Harbour either – what ksubi have up their sleeves is new, exciting, and (of course) a closely guarded secret!

mixitup is thrilled to be producing the event, that celebrates ten years of ideas, individuality, and authenticity that has developed this Australian brand into an underground subculture, an icon, a lifestyle.

ksubi’s new collection titled “One Via Zero” is to be styled by Australia’s international fashion icon, Brana Wolf. Wolf is a top-tier freelance stylist & design consultant who has lent a strong and defining vision to the fashion industry for over 20 years.

Also joining the team as casting director and show caller for ksubi’s RAFW finale show is the internationally reputed Kannon Rajah who has worked with the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Chanel and Dior.

Looks like it’s going to be a very busy year for the team at ksubi.

Stay tuned for announcements on the ksubi -Kirin, partnership programme Kirin Big In Japan

mixitup Produces Party of The Year!


big in japan party of the year


Some described it as “extravagant”, others described it as “bizarre”.  But according to the majority… and we all know a majority rules… the Kirin Big In Japan event was… (drum roll please)…. Party of the Year![nbsp] (pedestrian.tv)

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman, mixitup produced an epic event where Japanese contemporary art was appreciated like never seen before!
We had Daito Manabe face hacking to the sound of bleeps and white noise, Trippple Nippples carving up the stage with their Lady-Gaga-looks-conservative costumes, Mademoiselle Yulia pumping up the crowd with her exquisite beats and Kathy captivating the crowd in a trance with their truly unique performance art…
Sydney’s CarriageWorks provided the perfect canvas to an event of such diversity and difference.  We’ll reveal what the future holds in the weird and wonderful world that is the Ksubi Kirin Big In Japan partnership, so stay tuned boys and girls


To check out the Party of the Year click here

Kirin & Ksubi Announce Big In Japan Event


big in japan event

Brought to you by Kirin, created by ksubi. The Kirin ‘Big In Japan’ event will be truely unique!

The digital and experiential event will take place December 2nd 2009, at Sydney’s new home for contemporary arts, CarriageWorks.

The first of it’s kind in Australia, the event will showcase a selection of contemporary Japanese artists & musicians— all curated by an iconic contemporary Australian fashion label.

Performers are those teetering on the verge of success in Japan, including sound designer, Daito Manabe, Japanese
DJ/MC Mademoiselle Yulia, eerie performance trio, Kathy, and mind blowing electronic group, Trippple Nippples—all being flown to Sydney specifically for the event.

The bold arts centre dedicated to the development and presentation of contemporary arts, Carriageworks, will be dimly lit throughout three large performance spaces, acting as an engaging and inspiring platform for these artists to showcase their talent.

Daito Manabe will be redefining existent media and technologies from unique angles by producing the output of sounds, images & light from various sensors in an audio/visual installation.

Clad in identical blond wigs with black pantyhosed faces, Kathy render themselves completely featureless because
anonymity is the ideal point of surveillance. Their eerie and ritualistic performances have been described as Moulin Rouge meets Victorian morality meets Lucifer rising.

Tokyo’s queen of the underground electro scene, Mademoiselle Yulia, along with her ubiquitios blue or purple bob will perform her DJ set awhilst MC/singing, and Trippple Nippple’s unhinged DIY aesthetic, and inimitably intense live energy & songs about teaching your nipples to speak, will make for an incredible performance.

On display at the event is also an exciting curation of Japanese visual artists— exhibiting in the mediums of print, photography and design in the ‘First Press’ gallery space.

Post event, selected visual artists from Kirin “Big In Japan’ will be exhibited for a two week period at Black and Blue Gallery, Chippendale.

The Kirin ‘Big in Japan’ programme was initiated in July with the introduction of www.biginjapan.com.au, a blog edited by Sydney writer Amelia Groom & showcases everything from Japanese fashion to architecture, music to magnetic art, cinema to robotics, haute couture floristry to photography, abandoned theme parks to ceramics, and instillation art to anime. For more information on artists, their profiles and the Kirin ‘Big In Japan’
programme make sure to log on.

Kirin & Ksubi are Big In Japan!


Kirin Ksubi

Australia’s favourite fashion force Ksubi has teamed up with iconic Japanese beer brand Kirin to launch the Australian ‘Big In Japan’ cultural exchange programme. 

Originally a sarcastic phrase applied to failed rock bands, the term ‘Big In Japan’ is contemporarily used as a statement to describe up and coming talent on the verge of international stardom.

As an illustration of the thriving culture continuously evolving in both Australia and Japan, Kirin and Ksubi will showcase emerging Japanese and Australian talent online at www.biginjapan.com.au and through experiential based events.

July saw the beginning of an exciting and ever-evolving partnership with the launch of the ‘Big In Japan’ blog.  Ksubi, alongside Japanese contemporary cultural writer Amelia Gloom bring us the blog, a celebration of innovative Japanese creativity that is sure to keep us in the know on what really is ‘Big In Japan’!!

Check out the ‘Big In Japan’ blog here.

Sydney will host the subsequent inaugural Big In Japan event, where talented Japanese and Australian bands, DJs, musicians and installation artists will be showcased in Spring 2009. 

Watch this space for further details of the event!