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Modular 10th Birthday Bash @ Nevereverland


Modular 10th Birthday Nevereverland

Nevereverland first hit Australian shores in 2007 with music duo Daft Punk generating an atmosphere of pure electronic ecstasy.  With the inaugural event resulting in such a colossal sensation, Nevereverland became the most enthusiastically anticipated music event of the 2008 Australian calendar! 

In an attempt to feed their music addiction, young Australians flocked to venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth not only to get their groove on, but to commemorate the 10th birthday of Australia’s most influential independent record label, Modular. 

And commemorate they did. 

Modular turned double digits in style with the likes of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes of Australia’s very own premier electronic act The Presets putting on a show to help celebrate a decade of rollin’ out the hits.  The audacious indie-dance duo launched the crowd into musical mayhem, belting out hit tunes from their six-time Aria award-winning album Apocalypto. 

But that wasn’t all Modular had install for the Nevereverland clique.  The line-up was nothing short of mind-blowing with acts like the Klaxons, Ladyhawke, Cut Copy, Hercules & Love Affair, Whitest boy Alive, to name a few, performing hit after hit, each tune accumulating the ecstatic energy of the last to generate what was an absolutely astonishing atmosphere for all. 

Click here to catch a glimpse of some live footage of the event!

The crowd’s deafening applause was a testament to the complete success of Nevereverland, the pinnacle of the 2008 Australian music calendar and left party-goers pondering why such an event can’t be foreverever!

Happy 10TH Birthday Modular !!

Stay tuned for the anticipated announcement of the 2009 Nevereverland line-up to be released in the near future!!